strider_ryoken (strider_ryoken) wrote,

Another hate thing about the Scott Pilgrim Movie...and something elses.

Warning: There will  be little to none PC in this post:

It features Michael Cera vs Jason Schawrtzman....I cant root for any side ina fight were both aprticipants are people who make me want to punch them in the face for no reason.

Well, actually, there is a reason: Im a jerk.

Speaking of movies, there's no hope of Splice or The Human Centipede being released in my country, as far as i know.

Also (SPOILERS OMG), DC Comics killed the new Atom (Ryan Choi, the chinese one) and had his tiny corpse delivered to his nemesis ina  matchbox. All of this happened during Asian Awereness month or something...which is the least polemic thing, because you just know Gail Simone might start a "Minorities in matchboxes" site any second.

Again on  Comics, the ending of "Avengers Academy" was good, but it was not "Thunderbolts #1" good, people. Take it easy.

Also browsed through "Prince of Power" and I cant help think someone out there (you know who you are) squealed so hard in delight at its last page I could actually heard it over here.

Last comics bit: "Young Allies" looks like its gonan be fun, better add it to my list...god help me, I actually like the "new" characters of Bucky, Araña and Gravity.

Gaming bit: Every overly negative review of "Alpha Protocol" you've read is dead wrong, people. Game is solid and fun, but its merciless and an old school, stat based rpg at heart....that lets you fight 80's obssesed russian mob leaders.

Finally:  Red Dead Redemption is the finest western game ever made...Oregon Trail never let me dual someone and shoot the gun off their hand, then shoot them in the junk.

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