strider_ryoken (strider_ryoken) wrote,

Lets replay Persona 3, as a girl this time (wait, what?)

Got Persona 3 Portable a few days ago (bought it off PSN, cause i love the game so much, id rather have it in my psp's memory than disc).
So i choose the female main character, and im amazed at how freash and new the game feels...Theo (the male velvet room aide) is a bit creepy, but in a good way.
Also, I think im gay for Junpei, cause im really investing in his social link...then again, maybe its just a man crush, cause he's awesome.
More quick thoughts:
-Holy crap, id forgotten just how obvious the game is with a possible Mitsuru/Akihiko mutual attraction; hell, i love that its clear Akihiko is scared of her.
-Library girl is creepy, ina good way as well.
-Holy crap, i got a butler outfit for Akihiko....this is just too damn weird (also, love that you gotta be a Queen Bee in the school to date him, or else every other gilr will KILL YOUR ASS)
-Amazed how well they turned the bromance into sismance (ugh) in the game; Yukari and the girls act completly different if you're female.
-Completed a quest for Battle panties as a reward...and the girls call Junpei a pervert?
-With this game, this is the third time i buy Persona 3, and the sixth time im going to beat it.
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