strider_ryoken (strider_ryoken) wrote,

Finally an update! (mix of good and bad news)

Been a while, fellers...lets do this bullet point style and be done with it:

The Good:
-Promoted at job, no longer a store manager, i know work on my company's website and now im in charge of maintaining and updating our online catalog.
-Birthday last Monday, was celebrated on Sunday with the family, had a great family lunch, got some nice gifts.
-Ringo Dingo keeps being an awesome dog, except for his ongoing war against any cat that dare enter his yard.
-Bought my very own Bluray player, and im in love with it...some dvd's have already been replaced by bluray versions.
-Fallout New Vegas consumes my free time, and i still try to give castlevania: LOS some playtime as well....ive got A LOT of games to catch up with, so no purchases in games for a while.

The Bad:
-Insomnia has been a problem these days.
-Went to the dermatologist, and well, my skin is officially "weak and sensitive"; going to have to make some big changes in my bathing/eating/clothing habits, but the biggest issue has to be the  very idea of applying body lotion (lubriderm) on 85% of my body every morning. It just feels....weird. and wrong,  in  a prude way.

thats it!
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