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strider_ryoken's Journal

13 December 1981

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User Number: 2359912
Date Created:2004-02-28
Number of Posts: 21

Strider Ryoken is either multifacetic or schizophrenic, depending on how you look at him.From a fanfic writer to an otaku/gamer/comic book junkie, Ryoken suffers from "Gourry" Syndrome, and is mostly "dead inside" when it comes to emotions and romance, out of bad luck and a serious lack of interest in casual sex. Tolerant of everything that doesnt bite him in the ass, his motto is "Live and let others be stupid". Never get between him and his PS2...ever.
Strengths: Friendly,intelligent,laidback,honest, imaginative,tolerant, resistant to cold, can go hours without eating.
Weaknesses: Overuse of sarcasm and cynism,natural pessimist, mostly dead inside,bad memory (for anything that doesnt interest him), loves pizza too much,obssesive about his privacy,makes hostile remarks when driving.
Special Skills: Ability to hide in plain sight, Elite Guilty Gear skills, Commitment to finish anything he starts,ability to generate sarcastic responses to most comments,able to go from moody to crazy in 0.3 seconds, good at diving.
Weapons: Sarcasm, Cynism,Knowledge of the occult,Huge Vocabulary,Intelligence, Tolerance for pain, pop culture knowledge.
Sarcastic Wiseass: Unmeasurable

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